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WhoAmI is a tool to aggregate your personal media shared on the Internet. Everything you share, your images, videos, bookmarks, music, blog posts etc. is merged into one place. The content is analyzed on keywords, permalinks, automatically tagged and mapped to a taxonomy. Is a tag identified as location its geodata is added as well.

The resulting semantic relations are visualized via tag cloud, timeline, map or in detail. For further processing, your media can be accessed via RSS Feed or iCal (e.g. adding to your feed reader or calendar).

Primary access to the data is established trough the APIs of the web-services. Therefore your password or authorization has to be provided. If you feel uncomfy giving away your data, just provide your username. This falls back to public accessible RSS/Atom feeds. Although this doesn't give access to data of the past, your future content is processed as nearly good as content aggregated via API.

Features in summary:

  • support for multiple Web2.0 social media: Flickr, Youtube,, and Wordpress Blogs
  • analyzation on shared tags, permalinks
  • automatic tag retrieving of blog posts via
  • automatic (simple) geotagging of found locations
  • Thumbnail preview
  • Detail view of relations, time, tags, plaze etc.
  • Timeline & GeoTag visualization
  • Filter on time, tags and content type
  • RSS/ATOM & iCal access
  • Account data fallback to RSS/ATOM feed in case password/auth is not provided
  • see top relations
  • see clustered data
  • support for OpenID sign on
  • Controllable background workes for fetching content asynchronous
  • implemented with RubyOnRails
  • 100% RESTful
  • MySQL DB backend
  • OpenSource
  • Web 2.0 - yeah!

The project was developed for the final thesis mediated Identity at the DFKI Kaiserslautern in Germany.

Further information can be found at:

(c) 2007 Tobias Bielohlawek

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